Affiliate Partner Terms and Conditions

This is an agreement between the and a marketing specialist – later called “Affiliate Partner” or “Affiliate”.


  • “Affiliate Partner” is an upgraded user (subject to these and to user terms and conditions) who refers new customers to our service by distributing a specific promo code.
  • “Affiliate code” is a digital representation of the sales cut that affiliate is to receive up on successful referrals’ order completion.
  • Sales Cut: a set percentage of the referred user’s transaction total. Sales Cut is awarded as Store Credit for successful orders only.
  • “Successful order”: is an order where the transaction and / or order were paid, delivered and later not canceled.
  • “Pending Store Credit” is a full amount of sales cut for the orders that are still in progress (has not yet been completed + 14 days)
  • “Active Store Credit” is a Store Credit that can be used to place orders within an affiliate users profile or is an amount of money that can be requested for a PayPal transfer.
  • “PayPal Transfer” (“Payment Transfer Request”) is a transfer of Active Store Credits to Affiliate Users PayPal account that is specified through Affiliate Users PayPal account e-mail. Such transfers are to be requested through the “iReport” page. All transfer requests are scheduled in advance and are processed on the 1st and the 15th of every month.

Terms of Service:

Pending Store Credit becomes active when the order is successfully completed plus 14 calendar days. Our Company reserves a right to suspend any affiliate account at any time especially if unethical business conduct practice is taken place on the part of the affiliate. Our Company reserves a right to update these terms and conditions at any time. Our Company reserves a right to update the Affiliate program functional in order for it to function more efficiently. Minimal Payment Transfer Request must be equal or higher than 10 USD. You must contribute at least one new (paid) customer per month in order to keep your account and payments active.